Live Scoring & Event Management

Elevate your events

Transform your golf club events with our cutting-edge live scoring software, providing real-time updates and an immersive experience that rivals professional tournaments, elevating the excitement and engagement for all participants.

  • User-friendly scoring app for convenient real-time score tracking during events
  • Web links for easy access to live scores and updates, keeping everyone engaged and informed
  • TV leaderboards for a professional display of scores and standings during events
  • Comprehensive scoring management software for efficient event organization and seamless score administration
  • Admin score input functionality catering to players who prefer alternate scoring methods, ensuring inclusivity and ease of participation

More golf, less admin

Our comprehensive services encompass full player setup, meticulous scoring input, and expert supervision on event days, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Tailored for both individual and team events, our platform facilitates the management of multiple leaderboards and divisions, guaranteeing a fair and competitive environment for all participants.


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What is included


Free to use app

Simplify your golf events with our free scoring app. Track scores effortlessly and in real-time, streamlining the event management process. Make your next golf event a success with our innovative software.


Live Web Display

Stay in the loop with our live event weblinks. Follow every event in real-time, accessible to all. Never miss a moment of the action with our seamless and dynamic weblink updates.


TV Leaderboard

Experience the game like never before with our TV leaderboard. Keep viewers engaged with real-time updates displayed on screen. Elevate the excitement of your event with our dynamic and captivating TV leaderboard display.


Scoring Management

Simplify scoring management with our software! Effortlessly input and manage scores as an admin, streamlining the process for a seamless event. Take control of your event's scoring with our user-friendly and efficient software


Score Input

Simplify the scoring process by allowing players to record scores hole by hole via tablet after the round, enabling uninterrupted focus during gameplay. Enjoy the convenience of post-round score entry, making the experience seamless and hassle-free.

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